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Want to MASTER Your Business Success in 2024?

How do you MASTER your Business?

One of the best things about our industry is the ample opportunities for continued education on a variety of topics. As people have gained experience and invested YEARS in the home staging, design and real estate industry, it is natural to want to impart that knowledge on to others who are newer.

One of my favorite courses that I have developed and taught for the past 8 years is the Accredited Staging Professional MASTER Course. This is the TOP credential for our industry, and it is for business owners who are at the point where they need to grow and Scale for success, or remain status quo and turn business away. It is for those who want to eventually transition out of the industry and sell their company as a viable asset, not just sell off their items at garage sale prices.

The ASP Master Course was created as an extension of the foundational ASP Home Stager course - and provided a deeper dive into what was taught in the initial education. Over time, it became CLEAR to me that industry pros needed and wanted MORE!

My belief is you cannot teach what you do not know or have not personally experienced, and the developed or the ASPM Course never had a large staging company, warehouse, trucks, movers, staging team, wholesale purchases in volume, or sold a staging business. It was necessary to update and modernized it to make it RELEVANT for TODAY's staging entrepreneur.

In LONDON - Nov 2-5, you have a unique OPPORTUNITY to learn from EXPERTS with Home Staging & Design Companies that are in the TOP 2% globally based on revenue, volume and services offered. The three instructors: Myself, Sandra Holmes and Blair Hamaty - have nearly 60 years of combined experience in growing a thriving business. We are teaching the ASP Master Course in LONDON Nov 2-5. The HSA-UK Forum event is on the 2nd and your ASPM Course investment INCLUDES this conference. PLUS you will be part of this historic event that is the FIRST Live ASP Master Course taught in Europe!


Jennie Norris, IAHSP Chairwoman, ASP Master, Certified ASP Master Instructor, BTS, CDE, ISC, LHS, PSCE, SMS, STRS, SSS, CEO of Sensational Home Staging - Colorado's most awarded and credentialed staging company, President & CEO of - the world's oldest home staging training company. Since 2002, she has taught thousands of stagers and real estate agents in the US, Canada and Europe. Jennie and her staging team stage approximately 400 properties per year and to date have helped prepare over 6,600 properties and $3Billion in real estate value for sale. She is recognized as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Real Estate and Top 100 Most Influential People in Home Staging.

Sandra Holmes, Certified ASP Master Instructor, BTS, CDE, ISC, LHS, PSCE, SMS, STRS, SSS, President of Luxe Home Staging & Design - South Florida's Premier Home Staging company, Stakeholder in IAHSP and Sandra and her staging team have staged over $1Billion in property value since 2005 and have helped elevate the industry standards for staging luxury properties. She is recognized as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Home Staging.

Blair Hamaty, Certified ASP Master Instructor, BTS, CDE, ISC, LHS, PSCE, SMS, STRS, SSS, President of Setting the Space, the largest home staging, design and retail company in the US Northeast. They offer residential and commercial property staging, have multiple retail stores around the Boston area, and have provided sophisticated design services for hotels, short and mid-term rentals, and high-end clients throughout the US. He is recognized as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Home Staging.

WHAT WE COVER: Your ASPM Course is 3 Days and you must attend the HSA-UK Forum on November 2nd (registration cost is included in your ASPM Course fee)

Learning from others does not mean YOU are not knowledgeable. It means you are TEACHABLE and OPEN to learning what works. Sure - you could try and glean information and concepts by using Google or AI. . . but the internet doesn't teach you HOW to be successful - it just provides information on what others have done.

My approach to learning has always been to soak it up - and get as much as I can from those I respect. There are some who collect credentials - and spend all their time in classes versus actually implementing the knowledge. I know where I need to learn and will seek out specific courses or individuals who are coaching or teaching on that topic so I can learn how to succeed in that area.

When I got started in 2002, there were NO experienced people I could learn from - we were all going through the process together - and now that I have 21 years of experience, I can look back and share what to do to succeed and what to avoid - and I love sharing that knowledge with others. Why wouldn't I want someone else to shorten their success journey? There are pitfalls and mistakes made along the way that were painful and I do not want someone else to go through what I had to experience.

Those entering the industry in the past 5-10 years have benefitted from all the "pioneers" who laid the groundwork for success - educating the public and potential clients all over the world so they understand WHY they need to incorporate Staging in the process of selling a property.

Come JOIN US in LONDON! Space is limited and if you want to come - we will make sure to have a seat for you! Go to to learn more and register! Use code EU500 to save $500 OFF the registration price. Payment plans available, and your HSA-UK ticket fee is INCLUDED in your registration!


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