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You're invited to be the host of Home Staging Talk LIVE
As an industry member you can be the host and lead the talk show.

If we a community, then we should lead like a community.

We would like you to host Home Staging Talk LIVE!

Let your personality shine. Ask the questions that matter to your chapter and local businesses.


Pass it on to the Next Host!

That's right! We will be rotating the hosts for the talk show. This gives you the opportunity to be a part of the show, driving local interest and topics. Then we will have another host, so they can have their moment in front of the camera.

You will not be alone!

Episodes can be LIVE or pre-recorded, with filming days limited to 2-3 days of content recording.

We will help line up speakers and guests. But you will also be able to invite influential people from within your local markets to join you on the show.

After filming, we will edit, ad commercials and fun graphics, and schedule the LIVE airing of your episodes, so that you can share and invite your network to watch and learn from your episodes,

We want to showcase our community. And who better to do that than our amazing industry influencers and colleagues?

Let's build IAHSP, together!

What's Involved With Hosting?

Apply to

Choose Your

Invite Local


Education & Training

Hosting the Home Staging Talk Show gives you the opportunity to host the conversations of value, share your information with your local and global market and audience. This is a great way to infuse your thoughts on what is needed in the industry and community.

What's in it for you?

Build Community

Hosting the Home Staging Talk Show is a great way to feature your business, connections you have, and bring exposure to other leaders within IAHSP. This is a great way to showcase yourself your guests on a global scale.

Partnerships & Global Brands

Hosting the Talk Show is a great way to get connected with our national and international brands, as well as providing local partnerships with an opportunity to be featured in front of a global audience.

Share Your Thoughts

This is a great opportunity to share with the entire IAHSP network what you and your guests value. You hold the microphone, and the conversation is yours. This is your opportunity to share with us, where you and your guest see the industry heading.


How will this be filmed?

The episodes will be filmed using the IAHSP live broadcast account. We will provide a link for you to share, based on your availability. We will schedule several speakers for you. You will be able to invite a set number of additional guests - providing the information to us in advance so we can promote the episode(s).

How many episodes will I need to film?

You will film 1 - 4 episodes. The episodes are live unless otherwise arranged with IAHSP and the guest being interviewed. We have a platform you will utilize and will set up the broadcast session for you.

Do I have to invite local guests?

We highly encourage that you do. This is a great way to feature local businesses and resources in your market. It provides a great teachable moment for other markets to learn from you and your market. The guests you invite do not need to be "local". You are welcome to invite anyone you choose. They are your guests, and this is your show for the episode(s). If you would like to invite someone from outside of your market, you are more than welcome too.

Are these filmed LIVE?

Yes. The shows are typically broadcast LIVE. We can pre-record them as needed based on your/your guests' schedules. The content will have post-production editing as needed, and content may be repurposed on other platforms. If session are pre-recorded, we will edit the videos and them air them to our streaming platforms as though they are LIVE. In the film industry, this is called "Live to Tape". On the days that your episode airs, you are welcome to post comments and engage your audience. We also encourgae your guests to watch and comment when their episode airs.

You are the guest host of Staging Talk LIVE
Let's build IAHSP, together.

Facebook LIVE Host Application

After filling out this form, the IAHSP Leadership Team will reach out to discuss potential dates, topics, and guests.

Thanks for submitting!

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