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Speaker Reimbursement
a note from Amy:

I'm thrilled to kick things off by extending a heartfelt thank you to everyone for your fantastic participation in this year's IAHSP Conference and Expo! As we embark on this exhilarating journey, navigating through a whirlwind of changes and buzzing with excitement for the upcoming conference, it's genuinely a joy to acknowledge the ever-evolving landscape of IAHSP.

In a nutshell, IAHSP is currently in an electrifying rebranding initiative, one that's designed to inject new life into our membership engagement and cater to the diverse needs of all our cherished members. Under the banner of "No Place Like Home," we welcome everyone home to IAHSP, where the heart of our industry resides.

This fresh perspective signifies that our speakers and program content will embrace a new era of inclusivity, enveloping the magnificent trifecta of Home Staging, Real Estate, and Design with an unwavering commitment to a business-first mindset.


Our members, you see, are a spirited bunch of dynamic business owners, each brimming with a rich tapestry of business models and service offerings, often brought together by their passion for home staging. Their business models might encompass a kaleidoscope of avenues, ranging from Real Estate, Interior Design, Decorating, Styling, Consulting, Coaching, and Short-term rental design/fulfillment/replenishment/co-hosting to retail, moving and storage, and so much more.

As we address this extraordinary audience, we must remember that these spirited entrepreneurs are enthusiastic to elevate and expand their businesses. That's why our program is all about kindling collaboration and igniting a blaze of audience engagement. Our mission? To pay a well-deserved tribute to our members as visionary business owners, celebrating the kaleidoscope of services they offer within their ever-evolving business models. Let the excitement begin, and let us all warmly welcome you home to IAHSP.

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Things We Need From You
Conference Teaser Videos

In order to promote you, as a speaker and authority in your niche, we are asking for you to film a simple 20-second teaser using the scripts that we have provided. We will edit the videos and turn them into promotional clips to be shared on social media.

Conference Segue Videos

This year, after the show's emcee tees up the next speaker/session, we will play a quick video to segue the session.


We need you to send us the videos for this segue. These are short video clips, with specific filming guidelines, that we will need at least 3-weeks ahead of the conference.

Please read the instructions carefully, and reach out to Joseph with any questions.

Does your speech include a slide deck?

If your presentation requires a slide deck, we need it. If you are on a panel, led by a moderator, please check in with your moderator for any information they will need. Moderators, we will need you to collect and organize your panels information and get it into us at least two weeks prior to the event. If this information is not received by then, no more slide decks will be allowed.

 If you have not reserved your rooms, we highly suggest you get your rooms booked immediately.

IAHSP will ONLY reimburse your hotel room based on the pre-negotiated room rate. 

Will you be hosting a table?

As part of the agreements with some of our speakers, we have negotiated table space during the Expo portions of the conference. If you will be hosting a table, here are some things to note:

1. Set up - is on Friday, from 9:30am-5pm

2. Expo Dates & Times - Friday from 5-10pm, Saturday 8-9am & Between Breaks, Sunday 8-9 & Between Breaks

3. Table Space - space is limited to your table, and the space immediately behind your table. You may not place items next to, or beyond, the space provided.

4. Table Skirts & Retractable Banners - Table skirts and retractable banners are allowed and encouraged. Please note that the hotel will provide table cloths.

Reimbursement Form

Please use this form to submit your reimbursements, based on your agreement with IAHSP. Flights will only be reimbursed for at economy or coach. Hotel stay will only be reimbursed for the night prior to your scheduled speaking date(s) at the room block rate of $209. Please make sure to book your rooms before January 24, 2023 to receive the discounted room rate.
1. Basic Contact Information
2. Flight Reimbursement Info
Upload File
3. Hotel Reimbursement Info
Upload File
4. Speaking Fees Invoice
Upload File
5. Expo Table Confirmation
Please note: Tables will ONLY be provided to the speakers that have pre-negotiated a table as part of their speaking agreement. NO further negotiations are being made at this time.
6. Additional Comments

Thanks for submitting your reimbursement receipts

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