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Event Speaker Application
Do you have a business mastery lesson for the Home Staging Community?

IAHSP is not simply Home Stagers.

The business of Home Staging touches a wide variety of industries, from Real Estate, Short-term rental, Interior Design, Retail, Moving and Storage, Home Renovations, Product Design and many other niche business verticals.

Not to mention operations, human resources and the many positions and job related trainings needed for the teams that make up a successful business operation.

We are seeking instructors and speakers to address the business of Home Staging, as well as all of its verticals. 

If you are a thought leader in any of the subjects that make up and touch upon the many skillsets, functions and team building education that is necessary for our members to build mastery, success and wealth as a business owner, or employee of our members businesses.

Then we are seeking you.

Speaker Platform Rules
We do not allow solicitation from the platform, or any form of upselling added programs or information to attendees in order for them to learn topic information. The information shared must be presented in a teachable format, sharing from a perspective of experiences you have had and and how you mastered or found success in that endeavor. We want our attendees to come away with actionable items they can successfully implement during the session or immediately following

Topic Suggestions, Based on Theme

THIS IS ME: Topics might include stories of self discovery, learning your strengths, mastering skillsets or understanding limitations.

REWRITE THE STARS: Topics might include how you learned to shift or overcome challenges in your business or personal life, and what you learned. 

THE RING MASTER CONTROLS THE CIRCUS: Topics might include stories of team leadership, prioritizing, overcoming burnout, and learning how to delegate.

BE THE BEST PROMOTER: Topics may include marketing hacks, social media influence, unique ways to brand or scale your business or how to gain publicity for your business.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: Topics might include stories of overcoming adversity, the mental or physical struggle of overcoming a situation, or simply removing yourself from

a situation and finding clarity in your business or personal life.

BEING UNIQUE IS MEMORABLE: Topics might include stories of how you have set yourself or your business apart, developing your brand, or strategies for building relationships with customers and teams.

IMAGINE THE FUTURE: Topics might include trend forecasting, business growth strategies, wealth mastery, exit strategy or ways of achieving success.

THE GREATEST SHOW: Topics might include marketing, social media, podcasts and ways that you differentiate yourself or your business from your competition.

DON’T PACK UP YOUR TENT: Topics might include stories of perseverance, overcoming set-backs, and how you have redefined your business.

Introducing "Teams"
Do you have an amazing Operations Director, General Manager, Warehouse Manager, Lead Design Assistant, or Fleet Manager? IAHSP is looking to add education specifically designed for employees and teams. We are looking for your top team members to help team other company's employees and teams on the topics of "Best Practices", "Performance", and "Expert Tips". Please sign your best team members up to lead breakout sessions at this years IAHSP Conference & Expo!

Everyone has a story to share. We want to inspire others, through your story.

2023 Conference Speaker Application


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