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a note from Amy:

I'm thrilled to kick things off by extending a heartfelt thank you to everyone for your fantastic participation in this year's IAHSP Conference and Expo! As we embark on this exhilarating journey, navigating through a whirlwind of changes and buzzing with excitement for the upcoming conference, it's genuinely a joy to acknowledge the ever-evolving landscape of IAHSP.

In a nutshell, IAHSP is currently in an electrifying rebranding initiative, one that's designed to inject new life into our membership engagement and cater to the diverse needs of all our cherished members. Under the banner of "No Place Like Home," we welcome everyone home to IAHSP, where the heart of our industry resides.

This fresh perspective signifies that our speakers and program content will embrace a new era of inclusivity, enveloping the magnificent trifecta of Home Staging, Real Estate, and Design with an unwavering commitment to a business-first mindset.

Our members, you see, are a spirited bunch of dynamic business owners, each brimming with a rich tapestry of business models and service offerings, often brought together by their passion for home staging. Their business models might encompass a kaleidoscope of avenues, ranging from Real Estate, Interior Design, Decorating, Styling, Consulting, Coaching, and Short-term rental design, fulfillment, replenishment, co-hosting to retail, moving, storage, and so much more.


As we address this extraordinary audience, we must remember that these spirited entrepreneurs are enthusiastic to elevate and expand their businesses. That's why our program is all about kindling collaboration and igniting a blaze of audience engagement. Our mission? To pay a well-deserved tribute to our members as visionary business owners, celebrating the kaleidoscope of services they offer within their ever-evolving business models. Let the excitement begin, and let us all warmly welcome you home to IAHSP.

Event Speaker Application
Do you have a business mastery lesson for the Home Staging, Real Estate & Design Community?  
IAHSP is not simply for Home Stagers.

The business of Home Staging touches a wide variety of industries, from Real Estate, Short-term rental, Interior Design, Retail, Moving and Storage, Home Renovations, Product Design, and many other niche business verticals.

Not to mention operations, human resources and the many positions and job-related pieces of training needed for the teams that make up a successful business operation.

We are seeking instructors and speakers to address the business of Home Staging, Real Estate, and design as well as all of its verticals. 

If you are a thought leader in any of the subjects that make up and touch upon the many skillsets, functions, and team building education that is necessary for our members to build mastery, success, and wealth as a business owner, or employee of our members businesses.  

Then we are seeking you!

Everyone has a story to share
We want to
inspire others, through your story.

 Conference Speaker Application
we are seeking you!
Choose your speaker type


Professional Photos ONLY (No Sefies)


Background & Experience

Choose From The General Topics

Feel free to select several topics that appeal to you:
What accommodations do you require?

If you require a speaker fee, please provide the following:




By selecting the box, I acknowledge and accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies of the website.  IAHSP reserves the right to allocate speakers according to program needs and may assign speakers to different speaking roles than the ones selected on the application. While we value the preferences and choices made by our applicants regarding their desired speaker type, we may need to make adjustments in order to ensure a diverse and well-rounded lineup of speakers that best serve the goals and objectives of our event. Rest assured that every effort will be made to match speakers with topics that align with their expertise and passion. Your submission of the speaker application indicates your understanding and acceptance of this allocation process.  Furthermore, I acknowledge and accept that by submitting this application any information that I submit may be used in the promotion of this event and the company. I acknowledge and accept that my image, likeness, and any information that I submit or is filmed, photographed, or otherwise captured during this event, may be used for promotional purposes without further consent or acquiescence.

After filling out this form, you will be redirected to our online booking platform to set up an introduction phone call. Please choose the IAHSP President's Call option and a date and time that works for you.

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Introducing "Teams"

Do you have an amazing Operations Director, General Manager, Warehouse Manager, Lead Design Assistant, or Fleet Manager? IAHSP is looking to add education specifically designed for employees and teams. We are looking for your top team members to help team other company employees and teams on the topics of "Best Practices", "Performance", and "Expert Tips". Please sign your best team members up a Speed Learning sessions at this years IAHSP Conference & Expo!

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