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Established in 1999, the International Association of Home Staging Professionals ® (IAHSP®) made history as the first trade association exclusively dedicated to guiding the Home Staging Industry.  Drawing inspiration from esteemed associations like NAR®, ASID, and the National Speaker Association®, IAHSP set out to provide valuable benefits, guidance, and resources to industry professionals. 


What distinguished IAHSP?  We proudly stand as the sole association that mandates credentials for membership, ensuring our members possess a robust educational foundation in interior design, merchandising, or home staging.  Since 2018, IAHSP® has expanded its global footprint, uniting thousands of members from around the world.


IAHSP® serves as a global leader, offering members access to local community networking groups, annual conferences, and a wealth of online continuous educational resources.  Our unwavering commitment to ethical standards ensures we remain a dependable source for industry inquiries.        


At the helm of our Association are industry experts who intimately grasp the challenges and needs of our members.  Our dedication runs deep because we are business owners whose livelihoods depend on the industry’s success.  We proudly support our families, teams, and, most importantly, our valued members.    



IAHSP® - Canada and the Home Staging Association of UK utilizing educational resources from the United States


United Kingdom joins IAHSP® - Europe as an affiliate association.  Advance Stager Business Portal established


Launch of the Home Staging Talk Show Live

Inaugural European Home Staging Conference involving participation from 14 countries



Establishment of IAHSP® by Barbara Schwarz, the pioneer and creator of Home Staging with goals of advancing ASP Graduates and solidifying the industry


Introduction of the Regional Chapter Program in Sacramento, under the leadership of Jennie Norris an IAHSP® founding member and an employee of Staged Homes

100 regionals chapters established globally.



First Home Staging Industry Educational Conference and Awards Ceremony


Annual educational conferences held to advance members businesses


Launch of IASHP® Foundation 


Launch of Worldwide Staging Service Week® (WWSSW).  Annual service contributions exeeding $500 million


IAHSP® Negotiates relationships with companies providing special discounts to IAHSP® members


IAHSP® Leadership opens membership to industry professionals educated outside of ASP®


Affiliate relationship with Home Staging Italia and Japan General Home Staging Association


IAHSP® owenership transfer to founding members Jennie Norris & stakesholders


IAHSP® Europe established, expanding global reach 


Proposal and formation of the Industry Diversity Coalition by Deborah Plowden 


Creation of resources for Real Estate Agents and Affiliate Vendors.   


Introduction of advanced education initiatives and collaborative partnerships 


Real Estate Staging Industry turns 50 years


IAHSP® expansion into South Africa, Argentina and Peru 

We are a global community of professionals in home staging, real estate, interior design, merchandising, and related fields, committed to advancing our members and providing resources for business growth in their local communities.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions and feedback; we greatly value your input.


Important Notice:

Any information you choose to share with us voluntarily will be used to inform our organizational decisions.  Please be aware that providing feedback and opinions does not imply or guarantee any financial compensation or rewards


meet your

Jennie Norris is a distinguished figure in the field of home staging, celebrated for her remarkable achievements.  With numerous accolades, including the coveted Staging Awards of Excellence and recognition as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in the Home Staging and Real Estate Industries in 2021, she is an international expert and prolific author.


Jennie holds the prestigious titles of Accredited Staging Professional Master® (ASPM®), Stager, and the rare double certification of ASP® and ASP® Master.  Her expertise extends to niche-specific areas such as Short Term Rental, Color Expert, Luxury Properties, Senior Staging, Investor Properties, Cultural Diversity, Marketing and Sales.


As Chairwoman of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals ® (IAHSP®), Jennie is a driving force in the world’s largest home staging industry trade association.  Her commitment to education and staging excellence has helped thousands of members thrive.  

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