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Let's create a book submission together.
Simply follow the instructions and begin earning money with Hyve Pro!

GDrive Upload
Book Submission Form
Turn Your Pages Into Profit


After submitting your BOOK to IAHSP Hyve Pro, we will review your content and either reach out to you for clarification, or notify you that your BOOK is LIVE in the IAHSP Store. and send you a promotional link to begin sharing your with your network to drive revenues.

1. Contact Information

2. Book Information

This is an overview of the entire book. This will be used as Cover Art and description of your book. Usually this is the same content used on the jacket back.

Upload Book Cover Image File (16:9 PNG or JPEG)
Upload Back Cover

3. Rights & Acknowledgments

Please send files to jennie@iahsp,com

And make sure to label each file "Book Cover" and "Book Back"

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