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Stacking Your Team: Growing Teams and Team Building for Female Entrepreneurs

Shelli Warren and Natalie Eckdahl of Biz Chix, Inc.

A show for women entrepreneurs and small business owners who are ready to step into the CEO role of their business by attracting and retaining key talent. Our clients and BizChix community are rapidly expanding their businesses and need support as they stack their teams. Through On Air Coaching calls, training episodes and interviews, we will share insight on how to hire, fire and inspire team members who will contribute to the long-term success of your business. Your host Shelli Warren leverages her background growing and leading teams in multiple organizations, including a Fortune 50 corporation. Whether you are hiring for the first time or expanding your team locally or virtually. Join us each week so we can set you and your team up for success. If you enjoy this show be sure to tune into our sister podcast BizChix!

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Business, Operations, Business Management, Time Management, Team Building, How To, Industry data and predictions, Women in Leadership

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