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Those Who Market - Make It! 




Now in its third revision and updated for TODAY's Stagerpreneur, Marketing Made Simple: The Key to Succeeding in Home Staging is a must have for all Home Staging Professionals who want to build a successful staging business. Marketing is often not understood as the most crucial part of owning a business as without marketing, there are no sales. Without sales, there is no revenue. And that leads to the demise of a business.

As pro-Stagers, we love helping houses look great and being creative, however when operating a BUSINESS, we need to put the proper planning, groundwork, and effort in to create a thriving business than can support our financial goals. That requires MARKETING. This book will turn you into a great marketer for your business, and more importantly, give you the results that translate into sales and revenue.


Price includes Shipping and Handling.

Marketing always precedes sales. Too many business owners set up websites, have a business card, and have no business because they do not understand how to market their services. This book tells you exactly what you need to do to be successful long term, and to grow a solid 6-7 figure staging company. There is homework and action items after each chapter, and the content is specific to equip you for success. This book is written by a very successful professional Home Stager, industry leader, educator and marketing expert who currently works in the industry and knows first-hand what it takes to succeed and build a lucrative business. With over 100 pages of content, the years of knowledge gained by the author is shared in detail with you so you do not have to guess at what to do to market successfully.

Content includes:

  • Defining what marketing is
  • How to develop a strategy
  • Overcoming obstacles and objections
  • How to communicate with clients and prospects
  • Goal setting and planning
  • How to create action that leads to success
  • Target marketing strategies and where to invest dollars
  • How to decide on market niches and specialties for your business
  • How to grow consistently
  • Understanding social media and strategies for exposure
  • How to track and measure your success

PLUS: Role playing scripts you can use in client communication and a Coach's Corner Q&A

NO other marketing book for the home staging industry gives you such specific strategies and ideas, and is current for TODAY's market and challenges we face as Stagerpreneurs.

BUY ON AMAZON- Marketing Made Simple-The Key to Succeeding in Home Staging


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