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Best of Home Staging, Real Estate and Design Recognition

Since 2016, IAHSP has recognized TOP industry professionals for

Excellence, Client Care Excellence, and Industry Leadership.

We invited all professionals within the Home Staging, Design, and Real Estate industries, regardless of affiliation or background, to participate in our NOMINATION and RECOGNITION program.  It is important to emphasize that IAHSP membership is not a prerequisite for either nominating someone or receiving recognition as one of the industry's finest. We firmly believe in inclusivity, and that industry awards should encompass and celebrate ALL MEMBERS OF AN INDUSTRY.

We welcome submissions for nominations, whether for yourself or a deserving colleague. To facilitate this process, we kindly request their name and email address if they are not the ones submitting their application, as well as support information for the category(ies) in which they are nominated.  We extend this opportunity to ALL industry professionals, irrespective of their affiliations, to participate in this prestigious program and shine a spotlight on the excellence that permeates our dynamic industry. Your contributions are valued and celebrated by us all.

What is the Best of Home Staging?

Best of Home Staging, Real Estate & Design - STAGING EXCELLENCE:

Recipients of this recognition have demonstrated their excellence in the properties they stage from the execution of the project to the final outcome and successful sale. Their properties represent the professional standards we encourage and support for all members of the home staging industry, and others look to these individuals and companies as examples of what they can aspire to as they grow and learn.

Best of Home Staging, Real Estate & Design - CLIENT CARE EXCELLENCE:

These individuals have been recognized for the care and attention they provide to their clients. The referral is one of our best ways to gain business, and these individuals and companies have raving fans who shared the nicest compliments from work ethic, to dedication to caring for the clients who are selling their homes. It is a privilege to be part of the process of selling and buying a home, and those recognized understand their role, and how they ultimately serve others.


Best of Home Staging, Real Estate & Design - INDUSTRY LEADERSHIP:

These individuals have served or are serving our industry in a leadership role whether a mentor, coach, chapter leader, served on a board of an association, are now or have been an industry educator, and in general have a heart for serving others and helping advance our industry. These people are the backbone of their respective industries as without leaders who lead, the industries would falter.


The Staging Industry is full of talented individuals and companies that do amazing work!  Share examples of your work - you can upload a website link or send us to your favorite pics on your FB page.


Share testimonials from your clients - or if you are a client let us know why this person deserves to be recognized!


You must share how you are helping in a Leadership Role in the Home Staging, Real Estate and/or Design Industry.  This could be a training company owner, an industry association leader, or mentorship role that you have formally or informally where you help other colleagues.

Best of HOME STAGING Nominations

Deadline Monday, September 30th, 2024 (No Exceptions.)

Submittals must be for those who own and operate Home Staging, Real Estate and/or Design Businesses. 

NOTE: Virtual Staging will not recognized or included in this recognition.

Who are you Nominating?
someone else
What Best of Home Staging, Real Estate and Design Recognition are you nominating for?
Staging/Design Excellence (only)
Staging/Design Excellence & Client Care Excellence
Staging/Design Excellence & Industry Leadership
Client Care Excellence (only)
Client Care Excellence & Industry Leadership
Industry Leadership (only)
The Trifecta (Staging/Design Excellence, Client Care Excellence & Industry Leadership)
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