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Jeff Martin

of Mint Home Staging Company

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November 19, 2022
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Every business has a story. We want to share yours.

The International Association of Home Staging Professionals is proud to highlight business owners and companies in an around the business of Home Staging, Real Estate, Design, and Short-term Rental, though our IAHSP Articles Features. 

Our goal is to highlight and explore the various business models and services that are offered throughout our ecosystem and community, giving both the public and our membership the ability to learn more about the businesses and services available through our vast network of service providers and businesses.

Let's dive right into our latest IAHSP Article.
P. Gracias por tomarse el tiempo de sentarse con nosotros para compartir su historia con nuestros lectores. ¿Puede comenzar compartiendo un poco sobre usted y su empresa?

I’ve been a Realtor for 19 years and started out my career working with some of the larger home builders as a sales agent. I worked closely with the design center and would spec homes and help with model home projects. I always loved the design aspect of the model homes and those years of working in the industry helped train me for my business today. My wife and I started Mint Home Staging Company after never being happy with the local stagers we would hire for my real estate listings. We saw a need and fulfilled it.

P. Todos tienen una historia sobre cómo comenzaron, ¿cuál fue la inspiración o el catalizador para que usted comenzara su negocio?

As a Realtor, I was never happy with the stagers I would hire to stage my listings. I thought, “I can do this much better & for even less cost”. I purchased my first home worth of inventory in my CA Modern Style we are know for and staged one of my vacant listings. It was a hit and sold with multiple offers and had other agents ask who staged it…that lead to several other staging jobs and the journey began!

P. ¿Qué servicios ofrecen? ¿Y por qué eligió ofrecer esos servicios en particular?

We do vacant home staging. We help buyers fall in love with the space with our on trend look & design.

P. ¿Alguna vez tuvo un proyecto o cliente en el que todo iba mal o el proyecto era un desafío? ¿Puede compartir sobre ese momento y cómo encontró una solución o superó el desafío?

We have had a few home owners say they were not the biggest fan of a couch we used or a look of a staging install and wanted it changed. We reminded them that we are the experts and they hired us to do a job, asked them to trust us and we know what we are doing…the home looks great and is on style for what buyers want today, it might not be your style and that’s ok…we are not staging the home for you to like but are staging it to appeal to the buyers that will be walking it. Sure enough, we got fantastic feedback on the staging and the home buyers actually purchased the home furnished with all of our furniture at a package bulk deal.

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P. Dirigir un negocio no siempre es fácil. ¿Qué ha aprendido sobre usted y su negocio desde que lanzó su empresa?

No one will work as hard as you on your business, work hard and smart and you will be successful. Find a need and fill it!

P. Todos hemos tenido un empleado o un cliente que hace que lo que estamos haciendo valga la pena. ¿Puede compartir con nosotros una historia sobre un empleado, proveedor o cliente que realmente lo haya impactado y tocado su corazón?

We love it when clients come to us for help. We have had many sellers have their homes sit on the market vacant and won’t sell, we stage them and they sell within a week. The sellers are always so thankful and wish they would have staged it at the very beginning!

P. Si pudiera retroceder en el tiempo y darse algunos consejos sobre cómo administrar o hacer crecer su negocio, ¿qué consejo se daría a sí mismo?

Spend more money on online ad spend and you can grow as fast as you like.

P. Si un cliente potencial estuviera leyendo este artículo en este momento, ¿qué le diría sobre usted, su equipo o su negocio que lo convencería de elegir su empresa?

We know what a beautifully staged home looks like that will help sell a home for top dollar and in the shortest amount of time.

P. ¿Cuál es un hecho sobre usted o su negocio que la mayoría de la gente podría no saber?

I am a male running a business in a mostly female dominated field. I am the lead designer, inventory purchaser, secretary, bidder and installer.

P. ¿Hacia dónde ve su negocio en los próximos 5 o 10 años?

Slowly growing and possibly expanding into a few new markets in TN & FL.

P. Fue genial sentarme con usted para aprender más sobre usted y su empresa. ¿Cómo pueden las personas obtener más información sobre usted y su empresa?

Just go to our website and you can find our social media badges right on the header to see our most recent work.

P. ¡Muchas gracias por compartir su historia con los artículos de IASHP!

My pleasure!

Todo negocio tiene una historia. Los artículos de IAHSP quieren contar su historia.

Con artículos, destacamos los muchos negocios que componen y rodean el negocio de Home Staging y Real Estate. Presentamos negocios locales para aprender cómo comenzaron, qué los hace únicos y hacia dónde se dirigen. Comparta las historias que lee con su red social y ayude a otros a descubrir empresas locales que están haciendo cosas increíbles en todo el mundo.

Todo negocio tiene una historia. Queremos compartir el tuyo.


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