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Partner Program

The business of Home Staging, Real Estate and Design.
Welcome to the IAHSP® Partner Program
Our primary goal is to deliver value to our members, and in return, provide value to our partners.

Our partner program is different from our traditional advertising program, in that advertisers simply pay us, in exchange for the ability to advertise on and off of our platform, directly to our members.

The IAHSP Partner Program is an exclusive space. This is a mutually beneficial arrangement, where we believe that by partnering, our partner companies will deliver exceptional value to our members, our association, or both.

In exchange, we forego advertising fees typically applied for this same type of advertising, and we also create special and unique ways to further make your products or services available to our members.

The IAHSP Partner Program is not available to all brands, or companies, and remains a special space, where we truly believe the partnership will benefit our members first.
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Who are our members?
Our members are business owners who offer any combination of the following services:
  • Home staging
  • ​Real Estate
  • Interior Design
  • Decorating
  • Styling
  • Consulting
  • Furniture Rental
  • Moving & Storage
  • Short-term Rental Design
    • Styling
    • Logistics
    • Fulfillment
    • Replenishment
  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Coaching
  • On-demand Lessons and Courses​​
The business of Home Staging, Real Estate and Design.
IAHSP® Is Unlike Any Other Trade Association… 
With confidence we can say that IAHSP is different than ALL other trade associations.

And the reason is simple.

IAHSP behaves like a social platform.

What does that mean?
In a post-Covid world, IAHSP is one of the first trade association's to truly embrace the way people have adapted to engaging with each other.

Our program is centered around Groups and user submitted content.

Our members and non-members have the ability to engage with each other instantly, join conversations and form groups around topics that matter to them.

Our Hyve Pro platform crowd sources educational content, to provide our members with access to a broad spectrum of lessons, education and subject matter, from content creators who set their own rates and earn money by making these courses available on the New IAHSP Platform.
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Our Members Drive Content and Engagement
With IAHSP Articles and other self-publishing features, our members are able to create marketing content from our platform, that they use to self-promote.

By self-promoting, they drive traffic to the IAHSP platform and the ads placed throughout the platform.

This is the same content strategy leveraged by large brands such as Medium, LinkedIn Articles, and every major magazine publication.

We have just made it, digital.

Which creates a win. Win. Win, for everyone.
Why does this matter to you?
Your typical trade association is not designed for site traffic. Nearly all trade association websites are designed for members to find an upcoming course or event, pay for membership and then leave.

Their sites are simply not designed to retain audience attention.

The IAHSP platform is designed for members and non-members to stay on, and share, our platform.

Why does this matter to you?

It means that our members are more engaged, spend more time on our platform, and bring even more eyeballs to IAHSP, increasing your exposure.

When you partner with IAHSP, you benefit from this social style of leveraging our network, to introduce you to hundreds of thousands of potential, and targeted, clients and customers.

When you partner with IAHSP, you are parting with the first trade association to leverage a social media style platform.
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Who We Seek To Partner With
Any potential partnership must meet the highest level of benefit, reward, or value for our members.

To qualify as a partnership with IAHSP, the partnerships must bring such a unique value or benefit, that otherwise could not be achieved through our standard advertising and digital marketing.

The benefits should be so great, that they would warrant a special partnership and relationship with IAHSP, in order to bring a unique offering, or value to our members and the association.
If your value proposition meets this standard, or if your product or solution is at a level of development and is viable enough, wherein a partnership would provide a unique opportunity for our members to be early adopters of a new technology, software or service, then we may also consider a partner relationship with your company.

Ultimately, we value the needs and experience of our members, first.

Any potential partnership must value our members and non-members as much, or more than we do.

If this describes your business, product, technology, or solution, then IAHSP would like to set up a Discovery Call to explore your proposal and offer.

Partner Program

Let's collect a little information and set up a discovery call.

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