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Where will
2024 Take You?

At Home Magazine

by In Full Bloom Home Staging

Editor in Chief

Kristin Ehrlich

President and Owner

From The Editors Desk

Dear Readers, 

Welcome to my first edition of At Home Magazine. My name is Kristin Ehrlich, and I am the President and Owner of IN FULL BLOOM HOME STAGING AND DESIGN. As we move in to 2023, I hope that you have identified the goals that you want to accomplish. For me, I am prepared to make my dream since 2008 a reality. Yes, I just said 2008. 

That was the year I first began considering making my love for home design and decorating more than a past-time and something I loved doing for my friends and family and become a Professional Home Stager. Let's just say life got in the way. But not in 2023. Out of the gate I am now an ACCREDITED STAGING PROFESSIONAL® thanks to my new friends at StagedHomes. (shout out to the amazing and talented instructor Mary Scalli with Simple Elegance who I will always be grateful that God put in my path), and I am ready! My goal for 2023 is to be the example to others that it is NEVER too late to leverage your talents and creativity and do what you are passionate about. As Mary reminded me, Julia Child was 51 when she started filming her cooking show.

I hope that you enjoy the pages to come, and I would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions for upcoming issues of At Home Magazine.

Happy NEW Year to you all!

Kristin Ehrlich


Jade Mills - Life Style - Top Agent.jpg

The 8 Billion Dollar Woman

Jade Mills Estates

With over $8 Billion in sales, Jade Mills has developed a global reputation as the top Los Angeles & Beverly Hills real estate agent

In the world of luxury real estate, there is one name that has gained the reputation both nationally and internationally as one of the most trusted and admired agents in the Los Angeles real estate market, Jade Mills. As of 2019, Jade is ranked the #1 Agent Worldwide for Coldwell Banker and the #5 Agent Worldwide for all Brokerages. Jade has achieved the highest sales volume on record of any agent in Coldwell Banker history, just surpassing an astounding $8 Billion in career sales. As of 2019, Jade has represented 26% of all homes sold in excess of $20 Million in the Westside of Los Angeles, including her representation of the seller on the record-breaking $119,750,000 sale of “The Manor” (“The Spelling Manor”). The reason for her success, Mills can boil it down to one thing, “relationships”. “I love my clients. They become friends. They refer me. They trust me.” HOW SHE GOT STARTED In the late 1970’s, following a divorce, while working as a cocktail waitress, she studied to get her real estate license. After some initial success selling homes in the Sherman Oaks community, Mills took a break from Real Estate. With a renewed dedication to the work, she quickly became one of L.A.’s top-producing brokers. Today she represents celebrities and millionaires and closes deals on ultra-luxury properties in wealthy enclaves like Beverly Hills. Some of her most notable sales include the Chartwell Estate, also known as the “Beverly Hillbillies” mansion, which sold for $150 million; Spelling Manor, which sold for $120 million; and the Playboy Mansion which sold for $100 million. GETTING INTO THE LUXURY MARKET In 1990 Mills married her second husband and lived in Beverly Hills. She started working with the parents of her children’s friends from school. “That’s really how I got started in the upper-end, through living and working in Beverly Hills.” Jane has always worked for Prudential California Realty. In 1995, Jon Douglas bought Prudential, and then in 2001 Coldwell Banker bought Jon Douglas. “I’ve never transferred companies, but we were purchased twice, and we are now Coldwell Banker, which is amazing.” Jade attributes the biggest part of her success to “always doing the right thing, always wanting the best for your client, and then you get referrals over and over.” Most of her business comes through name recognition or referrals. TIPS FOR A CHANGING MARKET Jade has seen market downturns, yet her strategy remains simple – “One of the most important things that we can do in our business is keep in touch with our clients and customers.” Jade suggests that you simply “stay positive “. She recognizes that she is very blessed to be in the industry she is in. “One of the most important things is to keep in touch with your fellow agents”. During Covid, Jade held Zoom calls, invited local politicians and had as many as 2,500 people attending to get the latest information about the market and news. “The more you can focus on giving your clients information; the better off you are.” The truth is, says Mills, there is not secret to real estate success. Everyone has a different style and path, but consistency, constant prospecting and building true and deep relationships with people in your community will deliver results no matter where we are in the housing market cycle.

What's New


5 Home Renovation Trends Experts Say Will Be Big in 2023

The Spruce

Mallory Micetich, home expert at Angi, says that “optional projects” won't be a priority for homeowners in 2023

One of the most rewarding parts about owning a home is making changes to truly make it feel like your own. Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom, installing a fence, or updating your plumbing or HVAC systems, a renovation can make a big impact on how we live at home, and trends in home renovation can influence home design for years to come.



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10 Awesome Smart Technologies For Interior Design In 2022 · 1. Smart Sensors · 2. Lighting Design

Technology has a great impact on our lives, there was a time when it was used to make things easier for us, but now it is used for various purposes, including Interior Design. It not only makes your life easier but also provides a classy look to your place. Many people think they have to hire some expensive designers to get that kind of look at home, but that isn’t completely true.

Featured Article


By Staff Writer

What is in a name?

I'll admit it, I love Sunflowers and I always have. They are a flower that just makes me happy. I knew when I was creating my company that it would revolve around the Sunflower. To me it's the perfect symbol of a pretty home, and IN FULL BLOOM is the perfect analogy of a Home at its most beautiful state, just as a beautifully Staged Home.   Every business needs a Mission/Vision and Value Statement, and below is what we are leading with. Our Mission:  We believe that every home is unique and beautiful, just like the sunflower. Whether you are staying or selling, we want your home in its most exquisite stage of blooming for your utmost enjoyment or maximum profit. Our Vision:  Our vision is to be the best-in-class home staging and design company to our neighbors and friends within our community in which we also live and raise our families. We are unwavering in our commitment to being the trusted advisor to homeowners and preferred partner to our real estate colleagues.    Who We Are:   H.O.M.E H – HONEST– we deliver on our promises and commitments. O – OPENHEARTED – we understand that selling your home is emotional and stressful, we bring compassion and empathy. M – MINDFUL – we recognize and respect that design is personal, and everyone has different styles and tastes. E – ENTHUSIASTIC – we are passionate about staging and design and bringing homes into their full bloom. Just look at how beautiful the Sunflower looks in these pictures! Ahhh, happiness!


Food Network.jpeg

We’ve Predicted the Biggest Food Trends You’ll See In 2023

Food Network

What will we all be cooking and eating next year?

Each year, Food Network editors spend months compiling data and insights into a trends prediction for the following year. There was a lot to think about this time around. We’ve weathered a pandemic and are all thinking about ways to recover and find joy through food. Environmental concerns are more present than ever before. TikTok has become ubiquitous, skyrocketing Gen Z creators to fame and changing the way food trends start and spread. And while trendiness feels like a trend, with dishes like butter boards everywhere one week and forgotten the next, we’ve drilled down to bring you some overarching food trends that’ll be everywhere in 2023.

Room Ideas


12 Interior Design Trends That Will Be Huge in 2023, According to Designers


White walls are out, and honey onyx is back in!

While we tend to eschew design trends in favor of more timeless and personal furnishings, it’s still fun to hear what designers think will be trending in 2023 and beyond. Over the last few years, most of us have spent more time at home and it’s changed the way we view our spaces, both aesthetically and functionally. For example, white kitchens and neutral spaces had their moment, but designers are predicting that people want to have fun with their interiors and create a more personalized space now that they’re spending more time at home (after all, who wants to look at blank walls and beige furniture when they could have interesting wallpaper and a colorful couch?). From bold paint to textured walls to layered textiles, now is the time to create a space that makes you smile. Here, the biggest interior design trends for 2023, according to designers.

Featured Project

A Lived-in vs Staged Space

By Staff Writer

How we changed this Boss Lady's Office from OMG to WOW!

I by no means mean any disrespect for this Homeowner, in fact she is quite lovely. I did receive her permission to post the Before and After. We all are guilty of becoming very comfortable. You know how it is, you move in, and you set up your room just so and then kid after kid and friend after friend and family member after family member gives you precious gifts. In this instance, every one of those special gifts (and cards) got added to the bookcase until it became quite cluttered with personal belongings. I also have to laugh about this sweet Boss Lady who through COVID began working full-time in her Home Office and needed to make room for her Top Client, Tanner-Bean (notice the dog bed and dog chair). And while it is a necessity to have dual monitors to be as productive as possible, they really are an eye sore. We also discovered that her poor office had become the home's overflow for furniture, so it had become quite cramped. With tact and our fresh eyes approach, we gently questioned the choice to place the desk off center and we all shared a big laugh when we discovered that she hadn't even noticed and was unaware of how it had inched over. Well, no fear with a bit of decluttering and depersonalizing we were quickly able to get Boss Lady's office picture perfect. What do you think?  Oh, and by the way, this Boss Lady is Me! I am almost embarrassed to admit it, I don't know how I didn't see it. But that is the point, when you live in a space it is your Home and comfortable to you, but when you step back and look at it through a Buyer's Eye it brings a whole different perspective.   Our Team will always be sensitive to Homeowners who have decorated to their personal tastes. We love and appreciate that (case in point my own testimonial here), and we can help be the outside looking in view and get the Home Staged to appeal to all potential Buyers.



The 50 Best Places to Travel in 2023

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Where to go in 2023, according to T+L editors — for a breath of fresh air, a big-city adventure, or a glimpse at the future of travel.

With much of the world reopened, 2023 is shaping up to be the year travel officially bounces back. We made our list of the 50 best destinations for 2023 a little differently this year: We asked Travel + Leisure's editors where they want to go in the months ahead. Some are raring to get back to Japan, while others have the Trans-Bhutan Trail on their lists. Still more are planning a sail around Greenland, a wine-tasting trip on California’s central coast, and a visit to France’s next big wine region (which is, as it happens, tiny).

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Ready for a New Hobby? These Are the 8 Craft Trends to Try in 2023

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From disco ball art to punch needle embroidery, these are the projects that will dominate the DIY world in the new year, experts say.

From disco ball art to punch needle embroidery, these are the projects that will dominate the DIY world in the new year, experts say.

At Home