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Hiend Accents

At HiEnd Accents, we believe that your dream home should be uniquely you.


In 2005, our founders were running a small wholesale shop in Dallas. They heard a theme from their customers: a desire for high-quality rustic bedding but an inability to find any. Given our founders' passion for interior design and love for the rugged outdoors, they decided to take a crack at creating high-quality bedding celebrating the rustic life.

Their simple but purposeful approach—which they called Everyday Luxury—won them a loyal customer base, and at the behest of their customers, they gradually brought this approach to other styles and product types as well. Today, we're proud to be known as a leading creator of designer bedding and décor for all styles. Whether your tastes are boho, traditional, or anything in between, our family-owned business' mission is to provide you with original, high-quality home goods that delight you every time you use them.


We believe that our homes should be a reflection of ourselves. That craftsmanship is worth committing to. That your favorite pieces are the ones that make you smile and can be used day in and day out.

Since day one, these beliefs have driven our simple but purposeful approach: inspired designs, quality materials and fair prices. 

Our design team travels the world to gather new inspiration, translating them into unique designs that you won't find anywhere else. We limn our designs in quality materials selected with comfort, style and durability in mind, and obsess over construction methods, wash techniques and other fine technical details. And finally, we work with craftsmen around the world to bring these pieces to life at prices fair to both you and them.

The result is what we call Everyday Luxury: home goods that delight you every time you use them and are crafted to be enjoyed every day.

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