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IAHSP President - Leader, Visionary, Connector

1. Leadership: 

   - Articulate and champion a compelling vision for IAHSP®’s evolution and impact in the home staging industry.

   - Model exemplary leadership, reflecting the association's core values and ethical standards.

   - Drive innovation in home staging practices, setting industry benchmarks.

   - Motivate the board, staff, and members towards realizing IAHSP®’s strategic objectives.

2. Representation: 

   - Serve as a public figure for IAHSP® in external engagements, including industry events, conferences, and media interactions.

   - Strengthen IAHSP®'s brand and standing within the home staging community and beyond.

   - Build and maintain relationships with industry leaders, regulatory authorities, and academic partners.

   - Handle public relations matters, ensuring the association's positive image is maintained, especially during crises.

   - Work with Chairwoman in partnership to define action plans, report on progress, create new revenue streams, and move the association towards its goals.

3. Member Engagement: 

   - Develop and implement strategies aimed at enhancing member satisfaction and loyalty.

   - Cater to the diverse needs and preferences of the membership base.

   - Solicit and act on member feedback to refine and improve services.

   - Encourage and facilitate active member involvement in committees and association activities.

4. Governance and Oversight: 

   - Uphold adherence to legal, ethical, and professional standards within the association.

   - Establish and maintain robust operational policies and procedures.

   - Regularly assess and report on the association's performance, making necessary strategic adjustments.

   - Periodically review and refine IAHSP®’s governance frameworks.

5. Advocacy and Public Policy: 

   - Champion the interests of home stagers in legislative and regulatory contexts.

   - Cultivate and sustain relationships with key policymakers to influence industry-relevant policies.

   - Lead and coordinate advocacy efforts, including lobbying initiatives.

   - Keep the membership informed of industry-related policy developments and their potential impacts.

6. Financial Management: 

   - Guide financial strategy, encompassing budgeting, expenditure management, and fiscal oversight.

   - Oversee the preparation and execution of annual budgets and financial reports.

   - Ensure the financial health and sustainability of the association.

   - Strategically allocate resources to support IAHSP®’s missions and goals.

7. Event and Program Management: 

   - Spearhead the organization of signature events, such as expos, conventions, and educational workshops.

   - Develop and oversee professional development programs tailored for home staging professionals.

   - Coordinate with event planners, keynote speakers, and vendors. Ensure all deadlines are met according to conference timeline.

   - Evaluate the effectiveness of events and programs, aiming for continual enhancement.

8. Networking and Collaboration: 

   - Forge and maintain strategic partnerships with key industry stakeholders and related entities.

   - Facilitate collaborations that deliver tangible benefits to IAHSP members.

   - Organize and participate in networking opportunities to bolster industry connections.

   - Represent IAHSP in various industry consortia and collaborative groups.

9. Strategic Planning: 

   - Conduct comprehensive industry analyses to inform strategic decision-making.

   - Regularly update IAHSP®’s strategic plan, incorporating insights from board members and the broader membership.

   - Identify emerging trends and opportunities in the home staging sector.

   - Establish and monitor key objectives and performance metrics.

10. Communication: 

    - Oversee and coordinate both internal and external communication efforts. Use all existing systems for file uploads, sharing, planning and organization.

    - Maintain a transparent communication channel with members about association activities and decisions.

    - Produce and disseminate newsletters, status reports, and collaborate with the media department on promotional materials, press releases, and social media marketing.

    - Leverage digital platforms to enhance member engagement and information dissemination.

Weekly Reporting to the IAHSP®Chairwoman:

The President shall provide weekly WRITTEN reports/documentation (not oral) to the Chairwoman, each Monday for review at the weekly Friday meeting encompassing:

1. Progress on Strategic Initiatives: Updates on the implementation and outcomes of strategic projects, conference events etc. 

2. Operational Insights: Insights into operational efficiencies and challenges, with proposed solutions.

3. Financial Health: Reports on financial metrics and budgetary matters.

4. Leadership and Team Dynamic: Updates on team management, including talent acquisition and retention strategies.

5. Stakeholder Engagement: Summary of key interactions and feedback from various stakeholders.

6. Risk Management and Compliance: Overview of risk management strategies and compliance with legal and industry standards.

7. Innovation and Technology Trends: Insights into new technologies and innovative practices being adopted or considered.

These comprehensive reports are essential for the Chairwoman to maintain a holistic understanding of IAHSP®'s operations and strategic direction, ensuring informed oversight and guidance.

This role requires a dynamic blend of visionary leadership, strategic acumen, effective communication skills, and a passionate commitment to advancing the home staging profession, critical for shaping IAHSP®’s future and influence in the industry.

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