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Guide to Marketing and Business Strategies for Growth

Guide to Marketing and Business Strategies for Growth



  • what is the most important step a new business owner needs to take? 
  • how do you write an effective marketing plan? 
  • why is marketing important for a business? 
  • what type of marketing is ineffective? 
  • how do I write an executive summary? 
  • how do I define my target client?
  • what is a customer avatar and how do I use it? 
  • how do you create a SWOT analysis? 
  • how do you create a SWOT matrix? 
  • what are the best conversation starters for business? 
  • what is the best way to make a cold call? 
  • how to turn no's into yes's
  • what is the best way to close a sale? 
  • how can you measure effectiveness of marketing? 
  • how do you use Google Analytics?
  • what is the most effective form of marketing? 
  • why are referrals the best way to build business? 
  • how do I create a great referral program? 
  • how can I use collaboration to increase customer acquisition and brand loyalty? 
  • who are the best collaboration partners for home stagers? 
  • what does it mean to scale your business? 
  • why is delegation important to scale a business? 
  • what are the top traits of an effective team? 
  • what do I do if I have no calls for business? 
  • what is the difference between value and cost? 
  • why is providing services for free not a good strategy? 
  • how much income can a professional home stager earn? 
  • why do small business owners fail? 
  • how do I conduct market research in my area? 
  • what resources can help me with market research? 
  • what are good marketing messages that will get me hired? 
  • what does WIIFM mean and how do I use it? 
  • what are best calls to action? 
  • can a successful business ever stop marketing? 
  • what happens when a business stops marketing? 
  • what are some examples of great marketing messages? 
  • what is a value proposition? 
  • what is a differentiating factor? 
  • how do I cultivate a unique brand? 
  • what are the top colors for marketing collateral materials? 
  • what are the most important elements to include in a website? 
  • how are most businesses found by customers? 
  • how important is it in business to have a Google presence? 
  • how do I get more google reviews? 
  • what are best customer appreciation gifts? 
  • why are handwritten notes so effective for business? 
  • what is the best online site for exposure for business? 
  • how often should I be using google my business? 
  • what is the best video platform to use for marketing exposure? 
  • what does it mean to follow my passion? 
  • why is it important to have strong self-confidence when dealing with negative people? 
  • what is the importance of gathering with like-minded colleagues? 
  • why is ongoing education important for business owners? 
  • About Jennie Norris 
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