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Speaker Reimbursement
A Quick Update and Overview

First off, I would like to thank you for participating in this year's IAHSP Conference and Expo. We have been undergoing many changes at IAHSP as we also prepare for the conference. Many of you were asked to speak, ahead of the new ideas and concepts that have since been introduced.

To be clear, IAHSP is rebranding to reinvigorate membership engagement, by introducing a new scope, which is:

"The business of Home Staging, Real Estate and Design."

This new scope means that our speakers and our program should be inclusive of these three target demographics, and should have a business first mentality. Our members are NOT simply "Home Stagers". Our members are business owners that operate a wide variety of "business models", with a wide variety of "service offerings", that are commonly united through home staging. And, who's business models include any combination of; Real Estate, Interior Design, Decorating, Styling, Consulting, Coaching, Short-term rental design/fulfilment/replenishment/Cohosting/etc., retail, moving & storage, and more.

When addressing this audience, these are business people, seeking to improve their business.

We have also introduced a new tagline, of:

"Let's build IAHSP, together."

Which means our program should be more collaborative and encourage more audience engagement. We want to respect and acknowledge our members as business owners, who offer many services, as part of their evolving business model.

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