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Start an IAHSP Community
We are an International Business Association, made of up local communities.

This program offers an opportunity to bring together local businesspeople to connect with the larger Home Staging, Real Estate and Interior Design ecosystem, locally.

Focused on building communities and supporting entrepreneurs, every IAHSP Chapter is different, but they all share our key pillars and program design:

What We Do

  • Educational workshops, panels and discussions, not pitches.

  • This is an environment for authentic connections, with networking and collaboration.


  • IAHSP is run for the community, by the community.

How We Do It

1. Events are every 2nd Tuesday of the month, at 6:30pm (10 months out of the year), globally.

2. Each event typically features either a local or national brand presenter, or a guest speaker.


3. Chapter events are Streamed Live via Facebook or LinkedIn.


4. Events are always free and open to the public, with free coffee.

5. Presenting businesses must offer educational topics, without "selling" from the front of the room.

6. Presentations lasts 15-20 minutes and are followed by a 20-minute Q&A session.

7. After the Q&A, the question is posed to the audience: “What can we, as a community, do to help you?”. Followed by community announcements and networking.

Before You Start

Take a moment to acknowledge that the IAHSP program is centered around creating a connection between business owners and their community. It’s an opportunity for an entrepreneur to authentically connect with colleagues, around ideas -- and needs -- in an environment that can provide answers, helping the entrepreneur take the next step in starting or growing their business.

IAHSP Members are businesspeople, first.

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IAHSP is a valuable tool in helping to provide a platform for connecting and educating business owners, teams, and building community.

Chapters and local communities they serve "is IAHSP". You "are" IAHSP.

Through the application process, we want to ensure that this is the right fit for a community and the businesspeople it serves.

We encourage you to critically evaluate what is best for your community’s needs and goals.

Ready to start?

Complete the IAHSP community application, and a team member will be in touch shortly with the next steps.

What's Involved With Running A Chapter?

Become a Member

Form a

Secure a

Plan Your


What's in it for you?

How Long Does It Take?

The IAHSP Chapter launch process varies on the team and community. Time, commitment, and follow-through on action items during the various steps of the process are important. Starting an IAHSP Community takes an average of three months.

Education & Training

Chapters play host to many educational programs, led by educators in a variety of niches, as well as vendor partnerships. The access to education and vendor partners is an incredible benefit to Chapter Leaders, as you become the center and connector to a large network of local, national and international brands, groups and thought leaders. IAHSP works with the local Chapters to facilitate speakers and speaker series covering a wide range of topics and professions.

Venues & Partnerships

IAHSP International is committed to establishing partnerships with national and international brands, to facilitate Chapter locations, in order to host and sponsor regular meetings, events, speaker series, educational opportunities, and fun excursions to help build community. It's through these partnerships that you would be proud to host and welcome a variety of guests, professions and industries into your Chapter to connect, learn and grow their own businesses.

Revenue & Opportunity

Each Chapter can generate revenues to help support and grow within your local area. And you are not alone! It's IAHSP International's commitment to find and introduce local, national and international partnerships to help sponsor and fund each Chapter. Through the combined effort of local Chapters ability to generate funding, and the commitment from IAHSP International to support the Chapters through funding, Chapters will have the ability to host: - Membership drives - Paid events - Rev share for speaker series - Expo attendance drives - Donations - Holiday parties - Buyer tour drives - and more! Through a rev share, IAHSP makes it possible to generate revenues to help support each Chapter, so that we can help Build IAHSP, together.

Why the 2nd Tuesday of each Month?

IAHSP strives to provide a consistent and regular opportunity to engage and participate in our program. By holding ALL Chapter meetings on the same date and same time, each month, globally, members and non-members can come to expect and anticipate the regularity of Chapter Meetings. Providing a regular schedule also provides a sense of stability and security. As a business professional, there are enough unforeseen issues that pop-up throughout your day. IAHPS Chapter meetings should not be complicated. The regularity also makes running and planning a Chapter’s schedule a tiny bit easier for our Chapter Leadership.

What is the agenda like?

Each Chapter is responsible for finding at least ten (10) speakers or panel discussions for the year (we only hold regular meetings ten months of the year). 6:30pm – Open Networking 6:45pm – Opening introduction 6:50pm – Guest speaker, panel, etc. 7:10pm – Audience Q&A 7:40pm – Community announcement and local events 7:50pm – Open networking

Can we do other events?

Yes. Definitely! IAHSP Chapters MUST maintain the regular, monthly schedule. But we highly encourage planning other events, based on your local communities needs. To help support this, IAHSP continues to develop ways to help fund your local Chapter, specifically so that you can afford more events and activities.

Is there leadership support?

Yes. Each Chapter has a Regional Director. Their job is to stay connected with you, provide resources and assist you with the support you need for your Chapter. Your Regional Director will hold regular meetings with you and your fellow regional chapters, to voice concerns, accomplishments and the needs of local chapters. Your Regional Director reports to our Director of Chapters. The Director of Chapters works with the Regional Directors to develop programs and create initiatives to support local chapters.

What is my “Title”?

Titles are important. They help establish a sense of authority and standing within a community. The focus of IAHSP Chapters is “service”. The goal of each Chapter is to serve its local community. As such, the titles for Chapters are: Chapter Leader Chapter Co-Organizer Both the Chapter Leader and the Co-Organizers should serve as ambassadors of both their Local Chapter, and their Local Community. You ARE the face of IAHSP in your local community.

Can we charge local membership dues?

For the time being, “yes”. Though, as we transition to the new model, we will discontinue local chapter membership dues. Instead, each Chapter will generate revenue as part of both a Revenue Share through our IAHSP Referrals Program, as well as Individual Chapter Sponsorship. We believe this will result in a more inclusive Chapter Program, while producing greater local funding.

What if we have an existing Chapter?

First, we thank you for your service and commitment. You have made IAHSP what it is to date. Now, we ask for your continued commitment and service as we move forward with this new model. We believe that this new model will help you build a stronger, more productive local presence and Chapter. With this New Model, IAHSP commits to you, our support and resources, in order to assist you in ways that we may not have in the past. We have adopted the slogan, “Lets build IAHSP, together”. Which is as much an ask, as it is a commitment from IAHSP Corporate, to work together with you to build IAHSP into an association that you can be proud of.

Have a question?

Book a date and time that works best for you to talk with our Director of Chapters, Orlando Reyes.

New Chapter Application

After filling out this form, you will be redirected to a Calendly page to set up a introduction phone call. Please choose a date and time that works for you.