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Jack Samatov

Relentless Software Solutions LLC

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The International Association of Home Staging Professionals is proud to highlight business owners and companies in an around the business of Home Staging, Real Estate, Design, and Short-term Rental, though our IAHSP Articles Features. 

Our goal is to highlight and explore the various business models and services that are offered throughout our ecosystem and community, giving both the public and our membership the ability to learn more about the businesses and services available through our vast network of service providers and businesses.

Let's dive right into our latest IAHSP Article.
Q. Gratias aget ut tempus sedeat nobiscum ut fabulam tuam cum legentibus communicemus. Potesne incipias a communione aliquantulum de te et de societate tua?

Thanks for having me. My name is Jack Samatov. I am the CEO and founder of a software services company called Relentless Software Solutions, which specializes in rental software integrations. My career path has gone from software engineer to inventor and to entrepreneur. All of my work, inventions, and businesses focused on innovative software products. We combined our decades of experience in the inventory rental market to create a new rental eCommerce platform called EasyRentals that allows launching a rental eCommerce storefront and start renting unused inventory in a day.

Q. Suae quisque fabulam quomodo incepit, quaenam inspiratio aut catalyst tibi negotium tuum proficiscens?

In 2005, my brother and I established the first US software development company outsourcing to Uzbekistan. In 18 years, it is now the largest, most successful, and only globally focused software development outsourcer in Uzbekistan. A conglomerate of 12 companies grew around this core business, and Relentless Software Solutions is a US-based service provider focused on the rental market and have spent many years building customizations and integrations for third-party software as well as our own rental platform, EasyRentals

Q. Quae officia tibi offerre? Et cur haec officia particularia vis offerre?

We offer a broad range of software development and management services but are focused on rental software integrations because there is no one else in terms of your audience. Our relevant service is EasyRentals for Stagers which is a mechanism for stagers to rent out idle furniture inventory and browse the inventory of other stagers or external vendors when they need to rent a specific piece of furniture for one specific project.

Q. Habuistine umquam consilium aut emptorem, ubi omnia peccabant aut inceptum provocabat? Potesne communicare circa illud tempus, et quomodo solutionem invenisti, vel provocationem superveniendi?

Have you ever heard of a software development project that did NOT have challenges? The challenge is not the technology, the technology works, and computers do exactly what we tell them to…The problem is always a function of communication. Sometimes it is the communication between humans and machines in terms of either the user interface or errors in coding, but more often, the problem is human-to-human communication of the product vision or the product vision changing over time. This is why we developed a rental business in a box that avoids all those communications pitfalls. The storefront is templated so the user can just upload their product data.

brands ut omnis domus stager ut cognoscat

Q. Cursor negotium est non semper facile. Quid de te tuisque rebus didicisti, cum deducis societatem?

I called the business Relentless because that is a quality I highly value in myself, others, and my business. I have come through lots of challenges and adversity in my life by simply being relentless in my efforts…and that approach resonates with me and works well for me…but what I have learned through running the business is that flexibility, agility, and adaptability are just as important as relentlessness and that people who think differently than I do can and must make critical contributions to our success.

Q. Lorem omnes habuimus vel molestie vel elit, ut id ipsum agimus, dui. Potesne nobiscum communicare fabulam de emplyeo, venditore vel emptore qui te vere impingente et cor tuum tetigit?

One of my longtime clients told my market research company that they would not switch teams even if we failed the project because they love us. I never thought that such a customer retention method existed until I heard that recording.

Q. Si in tempore redire posses, et consilium aliquod tibi dares in quo negotio tuo administrarem aut crescerem, quid tibi consilium dares?

I would have told myself not to doubt and follow my intuition.

Q. Si clientis potentialis hunc articulum nunc legebat, quid de te diceres, te, turmam tuam, vel negotium tuum, quod eos eligere tuum consortium argueret?

We are relentless. We don’t give up until the job is done and done well. We have over 200 developers experienced in rental eCommerce and inventory management software, and we understand how to apply technology to enhance customer and employee experience by bringing efficiency and automation to any equipment rental business.

Q. Quid, quod unum de te vel de tuo negotio, quod plerique, nesciant?

I am a yellow belt in Kung Fu.

Q. Ubi vides negotium tuum in proximo 5 vel 10 anno exeuntem?

Bringing machine learning, large language model AI, and all sorts of other new technologies into our solutions, but the objective won’t change. We apply technology to improve rental businesses for customers, operators, and the environment.

Q. tantus erat apud te consessus discere plura de te ac de tua societate. Quomodo homines plura inveniunt de te et de tuo negotio?

Our website is, and my email is

Q. Gratias tibi tam pro communicando fabulam tuam cum IASHP Articulis!

Thank you for this opportunity.

Omnis res habet fabulam. Articuli per IAHSP fabulam tuam indicare vult.

Cum Articulis, multa negotia quae faciunt et circumdant negotia Domus Staging et Real Estate illustramus. Colamus negotia localia discere quomodo inceperunt, quid eas singulares faciat et quo tendant. Fabulas quas legisti cum retis socialibus communica et adiuva alios negotia locorum inveniunt quae mirabilia faciunt, globally.

Omnis res habet fabulam. communicare volumus tuum.


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