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Elevarre - by Sagebrook Home

Sophisticated design for tasteful living

Elevarre is about trend-forward design that brings livable luxury into any space. The use of timeless aesthetics with emphasis on texture, scale, and iconic natural materials ensures a harmonious and enduring appeal. Explore our thoughtful collections that not only magnify designers’ creative freedom but also transform spaces into award-worthy rooms.

Since our early years, our parents instilled in us a love for design, a strong work ethic, and a dedication to our chosen careers. Observing their three decades of expertise in the realms of fashion, textiles, and manufacturing, we learned valuable lessons in successfully navigating business. They emphasized the keys to building a thriving enterprise – the significance of family, the value of hard work, and the importance of loyalty to customers. These principles became the cornerstone of Sagebrook Home | Elevarre.

Fueled by our passion for design and creativity, coupled with our knowledge of textiles manufacturing, we embarked on our own venture. In March 2015, our company was established with the mission to bring a fresh perspective to the home decor industry.

Expanding on our mission, we champion design innovation and view every customer as an integral part of the Sagebrook Home | Elevarre family. Acknowledging that our achievement relies on comprehending and attentively listening to each person, we have formulated the fundamental principles of our company.

We extend these values to every member of our sales, corporate office, and warehouse teams. Sagebrook Home|Elevarre is committed to delivering irresistible and inspired collections, accompanied by exceptional customer service that is always attentive. In just less than a decade, we express immense gratitude for the growth of our family and the dedication of our hardworking teams. At Sagebrook Home | Elevarre, we transcend being just a team – we are a family.

Jason & Justin Kachan
Sagebrook Home CEO's

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