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175.00$ מחיר רגיל
140.00$מחיר מבצע

The Staging and Selling Cycle® teaches you the 4 Phases Every Agent Needs to Incorporate in Their Business ProcessWe show you EXACTLY what you can earn based on current production and NEW Business WHEN you Stage® your Listings. Real Estate Agents who have followed the proven system have

  • Increased their production
  • Helped their sellers make more money on the sale of their homes, and
  • Personally increased their income


Successful Real Estate Agents know that in order to get the best price for their clients (and top commissions for themselves) they need to know how Staging works and communicate the benefits of Home Staging to their clients. This course teaches you how to work with Stagers, why it is important to pull yourself out of the hot-seat when working with Sellers, how to communicate effectively, and how to make your time most productive for your real estate business.


You have selected the VIRTUAL LIVE COURSE Option where you attend this course LIVE with a trainer teaching online.  These courses are subject to course enrollment numbers. You will be able to select the date you would like to attend the live virtual.  If the course does not have the proper number of students that allows the trainer to teach live, you will be moved to another live course date, or be provided the option of attending the self-paced webinar.  


CEs available for VIRTUAL LIVE or LIVE IN PERSON ONLY.  States issuing CEs for Virtual Live:  CO, TN, TX, VA


You Will Learn:

  • What Home Staging is and what it is NOT
  • Why you need to Stage® every listing before it is listed for sale
  • How to use Staging as a key market differentiator for your business
  • How to use Staging as a key marketing tool for your listings
  • Fulfill Your Fiduciary Responsibility to Your Clients and protect your business
  • Protect Your Commission
  • Preserve Your Client’s Equity
  • How to get every client to say YES to Staging their properties
  • Receive current industry Statistics that prove Staging works to help your clients get top dollar
  • Gain access to before and after photos you can use in your listing presentations to demonstrate the powerful effect Staging has on buyers online and in person
  • Learn how to share things with clients without offending them
  • Learn key scripting and phrases that effectively communicate your message
  • Receive scripts that help you clearly articulate your value proposition and process for your clients
  • Understand how valuable your time is and how to partner with Stagers
  • What you should expect when working with a Stager
  • Learn how to never give away your creative ideas for free again
  • Gain resources that Add Value to your business for you and your clients
  • Receive exclusive discounts and incentives only available to ASP®-RE Graduates
  • Staging University access – forms and templates
  • Special Logos to in your Marketing to Brand Yourself Differently than your Competition
  • Marketing Templates that align with the 4 Steps in the Cycle
  • Additional Marketing Information you can download and use to Educate your clients
  • Overcoming Objections Webinar
  • Role Playing and Scripting Webinar
  • Making Effective Presentations Webinar
  • Goal Setting and Business Planning Webinar
  • Exposure on Top Rated Site for Referrals
  • International Stager Network referring ASP-RE Agents to clients
  • Ability to post your Listings on our Staged Propery Portal for added exposure
  • Trade discounts from Key Vendor Partners that Add Value to you and your clients
  • Additional courses to Add to Your Expertise
  • Course refresher opportunity at a low price
  • 6 MOS IAHSP membership ($125 value) – the world’s largest and longest running Home Staging Trade Association
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