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Accredited Staging Professional® Master Course

EARN YOUR ASP® MASTER DESIGNATION! Learn from our Amazing Master Training Team in a Workshop Style Course that delves into specific needs for growth, overcoming challenges, and future planning.

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Accredited Staging Professional® Master Course
Accredited Staging Professional® Master Course

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

Do you want to MASTER your Business Success?

The ASPMaster® Course will take your business to new heights of success and profitability. ASPMaster® Stagers around the world have some of the most successful businesses based on implementing the refined techniques and skills they learn in the ASPM® Course. The ASPM® Course is taught by Jennie Norris, President & CEO of® and IAHSP® Chairwoman, Sandra Holmes, ASPM® Course Trainer, IAHSP Sr Exec VP, and Blair Hamaty, ASPM® Course Guest Trainer, IAHSP International Board.

Learn from the Staging Masters – those who have successfully taken their business success to the TOP – and learn how to SCALE for success.

Scaling a business means understanding how to put processes in place now that allow you to work your way out of the daily management of your company so you can focus on other business endeavors, and/or life passions.

SCALE: Start, Climb, Advance, Lead, Elevate – this program provides a detailed road map of success for you as you grow your business. 

What we cover in the Masters Course:

  • Analyze Your Business Productivity and Profit
  • Review of Best Business Practices – Mindset, Marketing, Operations
  • Marketing Tips and Secrets to Organic SEO that WORK
  • How to Gain More Referrals and Fill Your Pipeline for weeks
  • Goal Setting, Growth Strategies to Hit Your Financial Goals – 1, 3, and 5 year plans
  • Discussions of Major Challenges and How to Overcome them
  • Presentation and Speaking Success – Confidence Building
  • Delegating and Team Building – Who and How to Hire
  • Warehousing and Wholesale Buying – Sources, Budgeting, Logistics
  • Pricing Strategies for Profit
  • Obtaining Larger Projects and Developing Niche Services
  • Identifying Areas of Challenge for Growth
  • ASPM® Home Staging communication skills
  • Role playing and overcoming challenges
  • Profitability Analysis of your Staging business and projects
  • Financial planning for Business expansion, debt reduction, and future retirement
  • Obtaining larger projects
  • Inventory purchasing and warehousing including inventory management systems
  • Vacant project Pricing Planning
  • Value Added services for your business
  • Employees vs. Independent Contractors
  • Best Business Practices for success
  • Business Applications to Streamline Business
  • Social Media tutorials and tips
  • Targeting specific market niches for add on income
  • Commitment and Accountability

Each day we will delve into in depth review and discussion of topics and you will have homework that will build on what we discussed during the classroom time. The goal of the homework is to provide you with framework building a solid strategy for success.  Four Days that will Change Your Business and Life.

Course Overview and Daily Plan:

The ASP® Masters Course will take your business to new heights of success and profitability.  When you are ready to advance your business well into the six figure and beyond earning category, this course is what you want to attend. During our three days of in-depth learning and discussions, we will uncover any areas of challenge you are currently facing and provide practical solutions you can implement immediately.  

Each day we will delve into in depth review and discussion of topics and you will have homework that will build on what we discussed during the classroom time. The goal of the homework is to provide you with framework for pricing your services, consultation and proposals so that you obtain projects and learn how to price larger projects that bring more profitability. We will discuss pricing services for other market niches as well as other resources for adding income to your business and bottom line. One of the key parts of the ASPM® Course is refining and building on your presentation skills so that you gain more confidence with how you present and can take away positive critiques that you can work on after you graduate.

Unlike most foundational training courses that are lecture style teaching where the instructor shares and you are taking notes and learning, the ASP® Masters Course is more of a workshop intensive where we are able to delve into your business in detail and help identify areas where you need help. We have more interaction with students and time to identify areas of challenge where you need some added help, structure, advice or guidance. Because our classes are smaller than initial training courses, your ASPM® instructors are able to invest more time per student.

Your ASPM® Graduation Dinner (when course is taught live)

This is a wonderful evening of celebration of the days you have shared together with your cours instructors and the other ASPM’s® . It is a time to celebrate you and your accomplishments of the Masters Course. Depending on course revenue and attendance, this dinner MAY be hosted by your Training Team and Stagedhomes.

Meals are not included in your ASPM® Course fee and we do eat as a group for lunch. Most days are 10-12 hour days (including homework) so come prepared to work hard and learn from your Master Home Staging Instructor Team.

Prerequisite:  To attend the ASP Master® Course, you must have attended an approved foundational staging business course found on OR have a minimum of 1 year of business success.


There are multiple hotels nearby - some within walking distance of the host location.  Please check logistics when making your reservation.

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