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Submit Your Work by Monday, June 3rd ,2024 11:59 pm (PDT)


The IAHSP Awards is an esteemed event dedicated to recognizing and celebrating excellence in the home staging industry. It is a platform where we honor the remarkable achievements of home stagers, real estate professionals, designers, and other related business ecosystem experts who have demonstrated exceptional talent, creativity, and innovation in their work

Our mission is to inspire and elevate the standards of the industry by shining a spotlight on the best in home staging. Through our prestigious awards program, we aim to acknowledge the contributions of individuals and teams who have made a significant impact, while also fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among industry professionals.

At the IAHSP Awards, we will showcase the finest examples of staging projects across various categories, ranging from small square footage designs to vacant and occupied spaces. We will also recognize excellence in areas such as luxury staging, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), artwork utilization, bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and more.

Contestants can submit their projects within multiple categories, and our expert panel of judges will select the top five contestants for each category. These finalists will have the opportunity to compete for the coveted winner's trophy. Additionally, we will showcase the winning projects and feature them in our marketing efforts to celebrate their achievements and inspire others in the industry.

Awards for: Home Stager of the Year | NEW! Designer of the Year | Rising Star of the Year | Teams of the Year (Small to Large) and more!!!

Join us at the IAHSP Awards as we celebrate the remarkable talents within the home staging community and create a platform for recognition, inspiration, and advancement in this thriving industry.

General Rules and Guidelines

Each entry is $35.00 (USD)


  • Last year's finalists are eligible. 

  • Contestants can submit multiple projects within the same category.  ​

  • This is a self-submitting category for current IAHSP members or non-members. 

  • Submissions must be of an actual client project and not an example of work done in the contestant's own home or property.

Submissions will be reviewed by a committee of IAHSP members who are seasoned professional stagers. These judges will vote on whether each entry is eligible to move forward to the next step. Entries that pass the panel of judges will then be voted on by all IAHSP members to determine the Top Five (5) contestants.  The submission with the highest overall score will become the overall winner of the Year. In the event of a tie, the committee of judges will vote again on the tied finalists.  The overall winner will be announced at the Gala in Atlanta.

Photos submitted in other categories will disqualify the entry.  Photos entered in one category may not be used in any other category submissions. If the same photos are used in multiple entries, they will apply to the first entry received and all other submissions with the same photos will be disqualified. Photos with people will disqualify the entry photos with watermarks or any information as to the contestant's identity or geographical location will disqualify the entry. Any contestant discovered breaking any of the rules will be disqualified Virtually Staged photos are NOT eligible for submission.

Photo Frames, Color Enhancement, Drop Shadows, Elimination of lamp cords

Altering the view from the windowsRemoving wallsWatermarks or branding of any kind  Addition of accessories, light fixtures, or furniture changing of wall color, flooring, or ceiling treatments.

Three (3) Matching Before and After photos containing your best examples of projects completed during the last 12 months. (must be unbranded photos with no watermarks).  Each set of photos must be of the same project/client property, Company name, location, designationsPhoto of yourself Company Logo  

Photos are of good quality and clarity (at least 1000 pixels wide) Focal point or Architectural feature is highlighted by staging workAppropriate style and scale of furniture of the room or spaceAppropriate furniture layout and room flow.  Appropriate and balanced lighting for the space/design color palette is well-balanced and appropriate accessories are appropriate in size, scale, color, and style.  The cohesiveness of the overall design (function, furniture layout, placement of accessories, color palette, lighting, design style).

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