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Professional Home Staging services is one of the fastest growing new career opportunities in Real Estate!

  • BUT what if you don’t want to build a business and run a company?
  • Are you more interested in being CREATIVE and being part of making houses look amazing before being listed for sale?
  • Do you want the flexibility of being able to work when you want as it fits with your schedule?


If you answered, “YES,” to any of these questions, the Accredited Staging Assistant® (ASA®) Course is for you!


The ASA® Course teaches you:

  • About the Home Staging industry,
  • How Staging fits in with Real Estate
  • How to be a great Staging Team Assistant!
  • Guidelines for Staging – placement and process
  • PLUS a 90 minute ADDED webinar JUST FOR YOU to understand how to market yourself as an ASA and how to become a valued part of a Staging company team


COURSE SPECIALS AVAILABLE!  Email to find out more!


    There are Home Staging Companies looking for YOU – team members who want to help with the actual Staging of properties but who do not want to run their own business. developed this course over a year ago for our existing graduates to add to their teams, and there is such a demand for this education, the course is now available to the public.

    You would be an independent business contractor with the ability to work with any number of Home Staging Companies in your area or you could be part of a Home Staging Company as an employee.

    The benefit to earning your ASA® is the Home Staging Company owner knows you:

    • Have been trained to understand what Staging is,
    • Understand what Staging is and what it is not,
    • Understand the process of Staging
    • You comprehend the logic behind what we do from placement to determining which rooms need to be Staged.
    • Understand what your role is in the process
    • Understand how to contribute to the overall success of the company

    Once you graduate:

    • You will receive access to the Staging University, the only online resource for education for Home Staging professionals
    • The Staging U is full of information to help you learn and grow, with ongoing education and events you can attend
    • You will have a bio on the site that will give you the ability to get leads for business that you can share with the company you work with, another benefit of having you as part of their team.
    • In class, you will meet other Home Stagers, possibly ones who want to add to their teams

    Now is the time to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Receive Home Staging Education and get started in your new career as an ASA Designation. You can join the “Hottest New Career in Real Estate” by becoming an Accredited Staging Assistant®!

    If you decide to start your own Staging business in the future, you can come back and add our Day 3 Business Course and pay the difference between what you paid as an ASA and what is paid as an ASP Stager.

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