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IAHSP Digital Ads

Leveraging networks, to grow your brand.

The world has gone digital, and so have we.
Meet the New IAHSP • Digital Advertising, for a globally connect community.

IAHSP is over 23 years old.

So to celebrate, we are giving our platform a make over!

With the New IAHSP, we are focusing on community, building out more connected chapters and levering our grow by offering brands the ability to get in front of our global membership with digital advertising,

That's right. Digital advertising,

Our members are global, and include business owners and teams from Home Staging, Real Estate, Interior Design, Short-term Rentals, Retail, Decorating, Consulting, Home Remodel, Coaching and much, much, more...

With our new platform, we have rolled out more engaging and shareable features, to help maximize what we call, "Leveraging Networks".

This is a simple multiplier effect, that provides ways for our members to share more often, within their networks.

This is where you come in.

When our members share Articles, Affiliate Links, Promotional Links, Features, etc., they are promoting themselves.

But with digital ad placement, your brand and clickable links are shared when they share.

They are promoting themselves. You get the benefit.

Your ad spend is maximized by leveraging our member's own promotion, which results in even more exposure for you! 

Our new slogan is, "Let's build IAHSP, together." 

And that is exactly what we are doing.

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