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Dallas Chapter Project


IAHSP Community Worldwide Staging Service Week

The second annual IAHSP Community Worldwide Staging Service Day
was turned into Worldwide Staging Service Week!  The week of September 9-16th
was set aside for our charities: Habitat for Humanity, the Dallas Ronald McDonald
House, and DIRC’s Adopted Family.  In order for us to benefit each of our charities,
we extended our WWSSW to last two weeks! 

PART 1: Habitat for Humanity

We’re pleased to announce the Dallas IAHSP Regional Chapter teamed with
Dallas’s Habitat for Humanity to Stage® a Community Area to benefit the
organization, homeowners and community.

Donations + Talent + Worthy Community Center = Success

The West Dallas Habitat for Humanity community center was one of the three
recipients of money, time, creativity and donated furnishings by the Dallas,
Texas chapter of IAHSP for 2007 (DIRC).

The community center is the reception area used by volunteers and families
applying for and becoming homeowners for a variety of meetings, gatherings,
celebrations.  In 2006, there were 94 Habitat homes built, in 2007, the scheduled
number to be built in 2007 is 74, with over 12,000 volunteers annually.  What a
first impression and welcome the volunteers and potential homeowners will now

The opportunity: The original room was completely void of any furnishings other
than a single, large trash container.  There was no special place for children to be
occupied while their parents conducted business with counselors, either.  And any
furniture added needed to be easy to rearrange or move for large gatherings. 
T he solution: Obtain commercial furnishings which would create comfortable seating
areas for adults and create a special area for children with kid-size furniture and bright
colors.  And be easy to rearrange or move.

Before ASP Staged

ASP’s busy Staging

After ASP Staged

After ASP Staged

After ASP Staged

After ASP Staged

After ASP Staged

After ASP Staged


DIRC did it!  With support from Office Furniture Team of Dallas and DIRC
members, the empty room was transformed into three smaller seating areas
for adults including greenery and artwork and one area for children with color,
child-size furniture and foam floor mats for more comfort.  Children’s books, a
US map and an inspirational wall mounted encouragement completed the
children’s section.

The administrative staff was thrilled! “The furnished room will make the waiting
much easier,” staff commented.  “This area impacts so many potential and
chosen homeowners, we can’t thank you enough,” they further commented.

Habitat is a Christian-based homeownership model, financed by private donors
and limited government funds and is largely built by the partner Habitat family with volunteers.  Habitat is the largest nonprofit homebuilder in the City of Dallas and
the third largest Habitat affiliate in the United States.  Dallas Habitat is creating
new homes, new hope and new communities.

A special thanks goes out to all of the volunteers and to John McConnell for the photography.


PART 2: The Ronald McDonald House of Dallas

DIRC adopted the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas as one of our philanthropies
too!  We raised a cash donation in the amount of $500 to benefit the House in our
July Fundraiser with CORT Furniture.

Barie Pinnell – President of DIRC , Andrea Green – DIRC’s Co-Ambassador of Charity, Debbie Anderson –DIRC’s Co-Ambassador of Charity, Karen Otto – DIRC’s Public Relations Chair, and Kathy LaMarr – CORT Furniture (left to right) toured the House the day of DIRC’s donation.

Debbie Anderson and Andrea Green presented Sarah Leverett with DIRC’s donation.


PART 3: DIRC’s Adopted Family

We’re also pleased to announce that we adopted a family whom we have
coined, DIRC’s Adopted Family.  With happy hearts, the members of DIRC
were pleased to help this very deserving family.

Andrea, Sandy, Lorraine,
Norma, Kay, Debbie, and
Sandra on the Staging Day

DIRC completed our third charity event for the 2007 WWSSW. We transformed
an empty 3 bedroom 2 baths Habitat for Humanity house into a beautiful “Home”
for Moniqua Wynn and her 4 children.

Moniqua is a single mother of 4 beautiful children, boys, 9, 8 & 6 and a 4 year old
daughter. Prior to being the recipient of a Habitat for Humanity home, they lived in a 2 bedroom apartment. The boys all slept together in Mom’s queen bed in a 2 bedroom apartment.  The mother and daughter slept together in a single bed. 

Well, not any more!

The boys now each have their own beds. The boys’ room was set up with a bunk
bed and a single bed.  New mattresses, bedding and a large dresser were also
provided.  The daughter now has her own room fit for a princess, thanks to donations
and some incredible artistic work done by Lorraine McDonnell. She added beautiful touches to the furniture and the room.  Mom has her own beautiful room and a private bathroom. We were able to provider her with a queen bed and dresser, new mattress
and bedding, artwork and accessories, including a small TV. Sandy Rogers, who we discovered is an incredible artist, created several breathtaking works of art for Moniqua.

Moniqua also has her own washer and dryer thanks to a generous donation and a
special thanks to Joe Cruz for picking up and delivering them to our warehouse along
with other items donated by CORT.  No more Laundromat for Moniqua!

Mother’s Room

Master Bathroom

Boys’ Room

Daughter’s Room

Prior to furnishing the home, we painted the entire inside of the house. Many of
the furniture pieces had to be painted and Kay Dobbins reupholstered kitchen
chairs that were donated from Brook Furniture Rental.  Many hours of preparation
took place prior to implementation.  Jason Maxwell was kind enough to let us store
the furnishing and accessories in his warehouse and we used the warehouse
facilities to do our furniture painting. Jason also delivered all the goods to the
Moniqua’s new home. A lot of great teamwork took place to pull this off.  Barie
Pinnell and Karen Otto picked up furniture pieces from Brook Furniture Rental
and delivered them to the warehouse, as did Debbie Anderson.  As one of DIRC’s
Charity Ambassadors, I am so grateful for all the volunteers that came and helped
us paint and implement the Staging®.

Creating a Home

Gathering the Goods

Sandra Painting

Kay & Lorraine Painting

Kay, Sandy, Sandra, Norma,
Lorraine, Andrea, Karen,
Debbie, and Jason on
House Painting Day


The family room was furnished with two sofas, 1 chair, coffee and side tables and an entertainment center, which we created from two book cases and old dresser.  The bathrooms were decked out with new towels, shower curtains, art and accessories. It was royally Staged to Live!

Breakfast Area

Breakfast Area


Family Room

Is it straight?

Entertainment Center

John McConnell, Lorraine’s son, is a professional photographer and volunteered his time to photograph many of the stages of the projects throughout the week. Additionally, after Moniqua and her family had toured their beautiful home John took the time to take a family picture of Moniqua and her children and another one that included her father and sister who were with her that day.  The pictures will be framed and delivered to her to hang in her beautiful home.

What is there left to say but…WOW! 

Moniqua’s First View of Her Home

DIRC’s Adopted Family

It was exhausting and exhilarating. I believe everyone involved felt like they had really made an impact in the life of this family.  We wish them all much happiness in their new home. 

I would personally like to thank all the members of DIRC who participated in this year’s event.  And special thanks to Barie Pinnell and Karen Otto for all their work in organizing our fabulous fundraiser held at CORT Furniture Rental.  Kathryn J. LaMarr of CORT has been very generous and supportive of DIRC in their efforts to make this year’s event a huge success. Without the monies raised at the Summer Fiesta Benefit Party, this would not have all been possible.  Finally, a big thank you to all the individuals and companies who donated cash and goods to our events and a special thanks to Debbie Anderson for co-chairing the Charity Ambassador position with me this year.




Project Ambassador: Debbie Anderson and Andrea Green

Chapter President: Barie Pinnell

For more info on this chapter click here



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