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Worldwide Staging Service Week



Boise International Regional Chapter is doing the Ronald McDonald House in Boise, Idaho.
We are having a new closet made by Closet Tailors.  This is a cramped area called "take it" where residence can help themselves to clothes etc.  The owner of Closet Tailors is Andrew Cardwell and we are very pleased with his wonderful donation.

We will be staging the large living room and dining room and storage room.  As we get in donations we will expand our project. 

A poem about our project:

As the project began
We were quick as a mouse,
We set out to stage
The Ronald McDonald House.

With our staging caddies
Lining the hall,
Furniture was moved
And new pictures hung on the wall.

Personal Preference Inc. donated
The impressive art,
It is generosity like that
That sets them apart.

Closet Tailors arrived
And went straight to work,
They built a new closet
What a great perk.

New dining room sets
Were slow to arrive,
We placed floral pieces on the tables
And made the room come alive.

The huge gathering room
Was so full of clutter,
We rolled up our sleeves
With no time to putter.

The computer lab
Was small and a mess,
Rearranging a sofa and chair
Relieved our stress.

Babies-R-Us gave a discount
On a crib and accessories galore,
They donated bottles, and creams
What a fantastic store.

We purchased
8 sets of towels,
The House staff was so tickles
They wanted to howl.

Thanks to Pure Ayre
Their product made the house smell so sweet
That they are a Stagedhomes.com sponsor
Is pretty neat.

As our service project came to the end,
Closet Tailors, Andrew Cardwell and Mike Brown,
Got in their truck and headed for town.

Patti Walker called  out with pride: ”Great job Arlene, Brandy, Karen, Lori, and Melody
You have made me proud as captain of the team.
The house looks so wonderful,
I could just bust out a seam.

As the Idaho Ambassador for the World Wide Staging Week, I am proud of our ASPs for giving up their time and talent. Thank you, Arlene Hudson- Swan House, Lori Swanson- Devine Home Staging, Melody Estes- Simply Stunning, and my staff Brandy Lackman and Karen Walker of 360HousePlus.com Home Stagers.

Submitted and written by:
Patti Walker, ASPM, IAHSP
President BIRC



Click here to see more photos!

Project Ambassador: Patti Walker

Thank you for your donations:




Hello Everyone!
It was a joy to walk through the House this morning. The living and dining rooms looked like they were ready so attractive!   What a very nice change.  One of the first things we did today was get those white towels washed and into the linen closet so that they are ready for the families.  Next we are going to move the crib and then put on the bedding and bumper. These are very meaningful gifts and many families will benefit from your contribution. The Closet is AWESOME!  

It was a pleasure meeting you.  THANK YOU, for all your expertise and hard work. You did an awesome job. Please come by and say hello when you are in the area.

Warm Regards,

Carol Hagan
Director of House Operations
Ronald McDonald House
[email protected]




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