Professional Home Staging - IAHSP - This association's Board of Directors is a virtual who's who of renown professional home stagers.

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The IAHSP Board of Directors



The IAHSP® International
Board of Directors

Jennie Norris, ASPM
IAHSP Chairwoman
Barb Schwarz
Barb Schwarz, ASPM
The Creator of Home Staging
Our Founder & Chairwoman Emeritus

Sandra Holmes, ASPM
IAHSP® President,
ASP® Course Trainer
Joan Inglis
Joan Inglis, ASPM
IAHSP® President Elect
IAHSP® PR Director
Bette Vos
Bette Vos, ASPM
Co-Conference Director
ASP® Course Trainer

Lyn Spaeth, ASPM
Co-Conference Director
ASP® Course Trainer

Andi Hurley, ASPM
ASP® Course Trainer

John Norris, ASP
IAHSP® Treasurer
Jeanne Westmoreland
Jeanne Westmoreland, ASPM

IAHSP® Ethics Director
Sandy Earnhart
Sandy Earnhart, ASPM
IAHSP® Chapter Sites Coordinator
ASP® Course Trainer
Trish Kim
Trish Kim, ASPM

IAHSP® Mentorship Director
BJ Johnson
BJ Johnson, ASPM
IAHSP® Director of Operations
Karen Mendenhall
Karen Mendenhall, ASPM
WWSSW® Ambassador Director
ASP® Course Trainer
Stacey Gibson
Stacey Gibson, ASPM
IAHSP® 'Go for the Gold' Director
Kathy Fauth
Kathy Fauth, ASPM
IAHSP® Membership Co-Director
ASP® Course Trainer
Kevin Htain
Kevin Htain, ASPM
IAHSP® Membership Co-Director





Our IAHSP® Chapter Liaison Program

The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® offers continuous and tremendous support to each of the IAHSP® chapters. We know that membership in IAHSP® International is a key component to an ASP's business success. From the International level we provide tools and programs to help ensure our IAHSP® chapters are strong and successful. Our IAHSP® Chapter Liaison Program provides a constant connection for each chapter to their own International level Board member. Each of our IAHSP® chapters has an International Board member liaison for guidance, ideas, questions and answers and sharing. Also through our IAHSP® monthly chapter board member calls we provide a forum for sharing chapter successes and ideas for local educational meetings.

IAHSP International Board Members IAHSP State Chapters Board Liaisons
Jeanne Westmoreland GA, TN, KY, IN, OH, RI, DE, NJ, NY, CN, MA, VT, NH, ME
Trish Kim TX, VA, WV, DC, PA, MD
Jennie Norris CO, AZ, NM, WY, MT, ND, SD, NB, KS, OK
Stacey Gibson CA, HI, AK, OR, WA, ID
Sandra Holmes FL
Bette Vos Canada, MI, MN, AL, MS, LA, AR, MO, IA
Joan Inglis NC, SC, NV, UT, IL, WI
Barb Schwarz Chairwoman, All